UpWest Unveils Its New Investments

At our “Seed to Growth” investors event last week in San Francisco, we were thrilled to unveil our recently backed companies: AR-Cadia, Giftedd, Hippodom and Stampli. These teams are on a mission to disrupt industries in AR, Commerce, Logistics, and Enterprise Software.

These startups join the UpWest portfolio of more than 50 companies. We are excited to be part of their journey to success in the years to come. For those of you who were not at the event, below is a summary of their industry-changing businesses.

AR-Cadia Logo6

AR-Cadia simplifies the entry of mobile applications and their developers to the Smart Glasses AR ecosystem.

The Augmented Reality market is estimated to reach $90B in 2020, led by the revolution of Smart glasses headsets. AR-Cadia simplifies a complex process of extending mobile apps to AR headsets, shortening the development time from months to days, making the AR future accessible for mobile developers today.

The founding team has over 20 years of combined experience in Computer Vision and Augmented Reality technologies.


Giftedd is a SaaS-based e-gifting solution that helps companies recognize, reward, and retain the star employees that they have worked so hard to hire.

The team has built a successful business over the past 2 years.  To date, more than 260,000 employees in 450 companies are gifted through the Giftedd platform. Their corporate clients range from tens of employees at real-estate agencies, law firms, and startups, to tens of thousands of employees at Fortune 500 companies such as Ebay, PayPal, Facebook, and IBM. Giftedd empowers managers to reward, in real-time, for events such as spot bonuses and milestones, and automates the entire gifting process for special occasions such as birthdays and work anniversaries, and allows recipients to choose the gifts they actually want to receive.

Giftedd is all about helping companies create a culture of appreciation and recognition, driving employees to increase both loyalty and productivity.


Hippodom provides the underlying infrastructure to enable seamless interaction between global traders and their supply chain vendors.

Targeting an offline and outdated $130 billion market for international freight shipments, Hippodom is disrupting global trade. Current outdated means of communication force shippers to work manually (email, fax, phones, excel), resulting in lack of predictability and control, costly mistakes and significant inefficiencies. Hippodom lowers operational costs and generates unique data that optimizes critical business decisions benefitting both large, legacy traders and new traders to enter this traditionally costly market.

The founding team has known each other for over 20 years, and served in elite Israeli military units.


Stampli enables organizations to instantly gain control over their invoice-to-pay processes.

Though more than 20 billion invoices are generated annually, finance departments lack visibility, control and effective ways to involve relevant people in the process. Stampli solves this by enabling intuitive and seamless collaboration for each invoice, leveraging the organization’s existing processes and systems. Stampli’s customers transform from complete chaos to a fully digitally managed process in hours, gaining the desired visibility and control while cutting their processing time by up to 80%. Stampli’s customers expose their vendors to the platform, generating hundreds of potential new leads with each new customer.

The team has significant experience in corporate sales and developing scalable enterprise software products.