UpWest Labs’ Portfolio Passes $100M in Funding, As Seed Fund Announces New Phase For Maturing Startups


UpWest Labs’ Portfolio Passes $100M in Funding, As Seed Fund Announces New Phase For Maturing Startups

 Phase Two expands resources and infrastructure for UpWest Labs’ later stage companies  

Palo Alto, Calif. — July 16, 2015 UpWest Labs, a leading Silicon Valley seed fund that brings Israeli startups to the U.S., is today announcing that its portfolio has raised a collective $100 million in follow on funding. Building on this growth, UpWest Labs is unveiling Phase Two: an expansion of its existing program designed for portfolio companies that are raising Series A and beyond. Phase Two will add strategic value to UpWest companies after they have left the initial four-month program.

UpWest Labs’ Phase Two gives its growing companies access to later stage capital, best practices for expanding their venture in Israel and the U.S., marketing, business development, public relations, operations and management training, talent acquisition, and sales team build-out. UpWest Labs will be allocating 50 percent of its fund to graduated portfolio companies who reach this stage.

“At UpWest Labs, we focus on companies that have the potential for massive growth. As our portfolio matures, we want to help our companies continue to tap into our vibrant ecosystem and infrastructure,” says Shuly Galili, co-founding partner of UpWest Labs. “Phase Two will allow us to offer more resources focused on aiding these growing companies as they hit their stride. We will consistently add value wherever it can help our companies reach new levels of success.”

Phase Two builds off of UpWest Labs’ tremendous momentum since the  fund launched just three years ago. UpWest Labs brings early stage companies to Silicon Valley from Israel, provides them with funding, and leads them through a four-month intensive regimen to accelerate their growth and raise capital. With companies such as Honeybook, Keywee, SentinelOne and others now raising significant capital after the program, UpWest is preparing the ground for more of its startups reaching this stage within the next year.


About UpWest Labs

UpWest Labs invests in Israel’s most promising entrepreneurs.  Through a four month program in Palo Alto and ongoing support, UpWest is focused on a hands-on approach to supercharge the growth of its startups. UpWest Labs provides the essential ingredients for success: Seed funding, proximity and access to markets and capital, a supportive community of talented peers and mentors, and a workspace conducive to rapid development and deployment.