Our 4-month program in Silicon Valley’s highly competitive and dynamic environment is designed to “level the playing field” for Israeli entrepreneurs seeking to successfully innovate and grow their startups. It provides the essential ingredients for success: proximity and access to market and capital, a supportive community of talented peers, and a workspace conducive to rapid development & deployment.

To date, UpWest Labs graduates have raised more than $100M in funding with an average seed round of over $1M per company; Over 70% of the startups have raised follow-on funding, with a few of them acquired by the likes of Google and Priceline.
Learn more about our successes, and profiles that we look for with our infographic.

To read more about our graduates, please see our blog.

Our program offers:

Seed Funding: Up to $25k to cover your costs during the 4-month program, enabling you to remain laser-focused on your venture.

Direct Mentorship: You will be supported by a network of experienced Silicon Valley entrepreneurs and executives. This process will enable you to set clear objectives, receive continuous feedback and address the issues that matter most to you.

Access to Leading Investors: Our program provides multiple opportunities to build relationships with Silicon Valley’s leading investors and venture funds. They will engage in special sessions, drop by to meet the companies, participate in networking events and attend the final "Demo Day" when you present your startup.

Partner & Customer Connections: We will connect you with leading technology companies, emerging startups and potential customers that are specifically relevant to your venture, helping your product get traction.

Silicon Valley Basecamp: We assist with your living arrangements and offer a vibrant, shared workspace to innovate, collaborate, and support your startup.


Special Perks: We have partnered with some of the world's leading companies to offer you benefits that will help support your startup’s development. Check out this list of some of the existing perks.

Post-Program Support: Following the program’s completion, we continue to work with you and your team to successfully develop, grow and bring your product to market.

For this program and our ongoing support, we receive a small equity stake in your startup. We only succeed when you succeed.

For more information, please visit our FAQ page or contact us directly. We also strongly encourage you to speak with any of our graduating startups about their experience.