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Enterprise Software, Internet of Things, Infrastructure Technologies, Artificial Intelligence, Consumer Applications,
Drones, Cyber Security, Augmented Reality / Virtual Reality, Marketplaces and more.


Airobotics develops industry leading automated industrial drones. Their end-to-end, fully automatic solution addresses the needs of the world’s most complex industrial facilities. Established in 2014, the Airobotics team pull together decades of experience in the drone and UAV sectors. Learn More


Ran Kraus, CEO and Co-Founder, Airobotics

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HoneyBook revolutionizes the way event pros run their business. Established in 2013 by four friends who shared the pain of planning their major life events, the company now empowers thousands of creative businesses and their clients. Learn more


Oz Alon, CEO and Co-Founder, HoneyBook

SentinelOne reinvents endpoint security protection with their elite team of cyber security engineers and defense experts. With decades of collective experience, the team came together in 2013 to build a new security architecture that could defeat today’s advanced threats and nation state malware. Learn more


Tomer Weingarten, CEO and Co-Founder, SentinelOne




Keywee offers marketers a new data-driven approach to optimize their content marketing initiatives. Keywee draws upon the founding team’s deep background in Big Data and Natual Language Processing to solve the most rapidly growing pain in the publishing industryLearn more


Yaniv Makover, CEO and Co-Founder, Keywee



Mobilize is designed for networked companies to recruit, onboard, manage and mobilize their partners into action via communication experiences that are relevant, helpful and actionable. Founded in 2014, Sharon Savariego and Arthur Vainer have built a company on a mission to transform the networked economy. Learn more


Sharon Savariego, CEO and Co-Founder, Mobilize