Neura is leading advances in artificial intelligence (AI) to improve lives by driving user engagement with mobile apps and devices. While Neura’s AI services can enhance any app or device, it has driven exceptional results in the digital health sector among health insurance companies, medical IoT device makers, mobile health app companies, and medication adherence app companies. Neura-powered health apps and devices have been shown to increase user engagement (adherence) by 88 percent or more, resulting in higher revenues. Established in 2013, Neura is led by founders with expertise in data science, security, and software architecture, and a shared history of creating smart connected products.


Honing In On A Vision

From day one, our team had a vision to impact individuals’ day-to-day lives. While the large-scale implications of a fully connected world can captivate any imagination, we believe we have the expertise to turn imagination into reality.

Go-To-Market Strategy

Although we had been living in the US for seven years, operating another startup in this domain, we needed support to figure out the right business model and go-to-market plan. Much of our initial journey revolved around being humble and open to discussing the best way to approach our position in the market. UpWest provided access to the high-profile mentors and customers we needed to build momentum and develop a better product and strategy. This helped us secure the funding we needed in order to reach our business model milestones. A big part of our funding came because we were tied to the UpWest family.

The Best Of Both Worlds

As most of the innovation in the IoT domain is concentrated in the US, our company must be in Silicon Valley. There is no alternative. We keep an office in Israel to give us access to the best of both worlds: amazing investors and partners in the US, and the top engineers in Israel. We aspire to be a major player in this domain, and Silicon Valley is the only place to find the financial resources, customer ecosystem and potential partners for our platform.

Reaching Critical Milestones

From hiring new employees, to connecting with investors and customers, we are in constant communication with the UpWest team. It is a vast network that has helped our company navigate the most important of junctions. We also leverage the support of other UpWest companies to help us achieve our business goals.  This is a genuine family.


Year Founded:

Gilad Meiri (CEO), Triinu Magi (CTO), Ori Shaashua (VP Product), Gil Mahler (VP R&D), 

Total Funding Raised:
$13 M

Notable Investors:
Lenovo, AXA Strategic Investors, Liberty Israel Venture Fund, Pitango Venture Capital

Sunnyvale (HQ), Herzliya

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