Michal Levin

Staff UX Designer,

Verily (Google Life Sciences)

Michal Levin is Staff UX Designer at Verily (Google Life Sciences), and the author of “Designing Multi-Device Experiences” (O’Reilly Media, 2014). She is passionate about solving hard problems that make a difference in people’s lives, the world, and our future, and a big believer in creating simple, engaging and actionable experiences that are beautiful and easy to use. In a UX career of over 10 years, Michsal designed a wide variety of experiences for web, mobile and TV. During her time at Google, Michal has been responsible for the UX design of global products in the areas of Enterprise, Analytics, Search, Data visualization and more. She has also presented at leading international UX conferences. Prior to Google, Michal worked as Senior UX expert at TZUR – a leading UX design consultancy in Israel, and as UX specialist at modu. She holds 2 bachelor degrees in Psychology, Communication and Business Management from Tel Aviv University.