Introducing Our New Portfolio Additions

We are excited to announce our investments from earlier this year: LEVL, WayCare, and Quarterback. Joining our portfolio of more than 60 companies, these startups are already making incredible strides in deploying their technologies at key US customers.  We look forward to being part of their journey to success in the years to come. | Daniel Zahavi

LEVL provides real-time “background check” for every connected device, and prevents device identity manipulations. 

As the use of connected devices for identification grows, so does incentive to attack these devices’ identities. By using a proprietary and passive authentication technology that only relies on the physical characteristics of transmitted signals, LEVL removes the need to modify or install anything on the end-device and thereby opens the door for a large number of authentication scenarios never before possible. This specifically solves the authentication problem for a large portion of IoT devices with constrained resources that were not suited for current authentication solutions.

The team has deep expertise in electronic warfare and cyber security through work in places such as the Israeli military, Google, and Dell. Daniel Zahavi PhD., CEO, has over a decade of experience in exposing vulnerabilities in wireless communications and previously led R&D teams developing both offensive and defensive cyber-security technologies for IoT and autonomous driving industries. Michael Estrin, CTO, has held leading R&D positions in the industry, including managing an algorithms R&D Team at Dell, Innovative multidisciplinary software development at Google, and cyber security research in an elite IDF intelligence unit. | Noam MaitalWaycare is shaping the future of city mobility, optimizing city traffic management by harnessing in-vehicle information for predictive insights. Ultimately, Waycare enables cities to fully control their roads and directly communicate with all vehicles.

In the coming years, the average vehicle is expected to generate over 4 terabytes of data per day; 10X more than the current daily data generated from an entire traffic management center. At the same time, urban populations are exploding, leading to unprecedented levels of road congestion in cities. Waycare’s platform harnesses in-vehicle and internal city data to optimize traffic systems and establish a two-way communication channel between the city and the vehicle.

Waycare’s proprietary deep learning technologies provides cities with predictive analytics and real-time decision making tools, enabling proactive traffic and incident mitigation and dynamic real-time traffic flow optimization. As connectivity and innovation in the automotive industry continue to evolve, Waycare will play a vital role in shaping daily movements within our cities.

The team comprises highly experienced individuals that are passionate about helping cities take control of their roads. Noam Maital, CEO, brings years of experience working with Fortune 500 companies on large scale strategy projects. He holds a BSc in economics from Babson College and served in a special forces unit at the Israeli Defence Force. Idan Hahn, CTO, has over 10 years of experience with global tech companies, including Intel and Amazon. He holds a BSc in electrical engineering from the Technion and is the lead technologist of the company. Shai Suzan, COO, led international R&D activities at Zoran, CSR & Qualcomm managing automotive semiconductors projects. Shai holds a BSC in electrical engineering from the Technion and is responsible for product development and operations. | Jonathan WeinbergQuarterback transforms eSports communities into online competitive networks.

With more people watching video gaming content than hockey or baseball, the market is generating $10B annually and experiencing double digit annual growth. However, most great players have limited ways of making revenues, all while their fans are left to passively support them. Quarterback’s platform enables all eSports players, streamers, and brands to instantly transform their communities into their own gaming clubs. The company empowers players to interact more deeply and directly with their fan communities and unlock new monetization channels.

The company founders are passionate gamers, have strong product and tech experience, and are based in Palo Alto and Israel. Jonathan Weinberg, CEO, is a serial entrepreneur who has founded three successful businesses across the mobile gaming, eTicketing, and software consulting arenas. He has a strong background in product management, business development, and marketing. Alexander Mazyarik, CTO, has lead an architecture change in the Israeli army and managed over 35 developers. Yevgeni Volovich, VP R&D, has 10+ years of technological experience and teams leadership. Dror Cohen, Chief Architect, has 10+ years of software development and has built multiple scalable products.