Founder Spotlight: Moti Radomski, CEO of BuzzSpice – “Just do it”!

When you meet a guy like Moti Radomski, co-founder and CEO of BuzzSpice, you might find yourself at a loss for words when trying to describe him. If you told him that, he’d tell you to “just do it.” So here we go.

His passion and energy are the first things you’ll notice. Ask him a question, and you’ll get ten answers- none assuming or arrogant, just filled with a drive to give you the answer you want and help you find whatever information you’re looking for. “I like helping people. I like making people happy.” He says. “If I could pick any job in the world other than this one, I’d probably be a wedding DJ. But my current job lets me help people, and that makes me happy. It’s great.”

BuzzSpice is a social media management tool for small businesses. It automates all interactions for owners, giving them a schedule of when posts will happen and letting them see what will be posted, ensuring a steady stream of helpful, positive interactions with customers. The value is easy to see, but it’s the utility of what he’s built that really excites Moti.

When asked why he decided to build BuzzSpice, he gave the answer you’d expect from a guy who’s primarily motivated by making people happy: “I wanted to build a tool to help business owners help themselves.” It started when his business partner Alon’s wife, Maya, asked her husband to help her build a tool to keep track of her social media managing business. Alon, an experienced and successful entrepreneur, teamed up with Moti to leverage their shared experiences and help Maya. As they started building, they quickly came to the realization that they could do more than simply create a tool to help Maya, “we could build a tool to completely replace Maya.”

The idea is simple: build an automatic “Maya” that would use social algorithms to do her job exactly as she would. However, figuring out how to replace a social media manager- a job that is completely driven by original creative thought, constant human input, and cumulative learning- is a task that’s more complicated than stringing together a bunch of code. Moti and Alon’s method for success involves knowing every detail about the job, utilizing state-of-the-art algorithms, building from the ground up, and always putting themselves in the perspective of the user. “When Maya managed accounts, she didn’t give them stats and hundreds of numbers. She used data to figure out what she had to do, but then just did it, because her customers didn’t want to know those numbers- they paid her so they wouldn’t have to know them.” Which is why Moti and Alon opted to create a beautiful, minimalist interface that streamlined user input and gave them only the most valuable information back. “We spent 8 months designing wireframes and mockups just to figure out what worked and what people wanted and didn’t want. We’re still learning- we always will be- but we have an amazing start.”

That mindset is one of the biggest contributors to Moti and BuzzSpice’s success. No matter what it is he has his heart set on, Moti will ‘just do it,’ even if he doesn’t know exactly what he’s doing to start and has to learn along the way. “I gained a lot of knowledge as I went along. Selling my previous company to Microsoft and then working for such a big company was kind of like school, and my experience from the Israeli army helped, but there is no real recipe for creating a best-fit product. You just have to do it, learn and keep improving along the way.“ It can be difficult to adapt to the challenges of running a business, but with the help of his business partner Alon and the support of UpWest Labs, Moti feels he’s been pretty successful in the early challenges. “When you’re high you’re on top of the world, and when you’re down, you are buried 6 feet under. You have to keep perspective and remember that no matter how happy you are now, there will be more challenges tomorrow, and that when you’re ready to give up, tomorrow will be better. The people around me [at UpWest Labs] help me keep perspective; help give me advice and guidance and mentorship. They remind me everyday: no matter what, you just have to keep doing it.”

“I think the number 1 problem entrepreneurs have is just doing it. Don’t talk about it. Do it. You can talk to people forever trying to learn, but the best way to learn is trying to do it. And you’ll fail again and again and again. And if you fail too many times, sure, go do something else, but the odds are if you have a good idea and you actually work hard to make it happen it’ll probably work. The only difference between the guy that said ‘I had that idea 6 months ago’ and the guys who ‘stole’ his idea is that the guy who just talked about it didn’t do anything.”

It’s easy to see why BuzzSpice is already so successful, managing over 2000 small business accounts despite being less than a year old. Their understanding of the problem and the customer, combined with their desire to make people happy and their indefatigable will to do and achieve make them the perfect entrepreneurs primed for success. But for Moti, he’s just doing what he loves.