Dana Kilian

VP Customer Experience,


Dana is responsible for ensuring Eventbrite customers are extremely happy. She leads a team of stellar CSRs who are lucky enough to talk with Eventbrite customers daily. She brings deep knowledge of improving the customer experience for Internet businesses by focusing on scalable, efficient, direct, honest and personal service. Dana’s passion for improving the customer experience began at Google where she was an early member of the AdWords team. She had the opportunity to contribute to the hyper-growth of Google client services teams by managing strategic relationships with AdWords customers, developing and leading training programs, mentoring new managers and leading a team of world-class CSRs. She most recently comes from TurnHere, where she had the pleasure of managing their client services team. Dana holds a BA from the University of California at Berkeley. She lives in Berkeley with her husband, Scott, young daughter Grace and their cat, Bella. Have feedback about your experience with the Eventbrite service? Feel free to contact her, she’d love to hear from you.