We believe that successful companies must be backed by a carefully-curated support network.
Our community provides emerging companies with everything they need to build a successful venture

The entrepreneurs I work with at UpWest are among the highest quality I come across: experienced and quick to adapt their businesses based on new learnings from the customers and the market.  They make significant progress as soon as they are on the ground in Palo Alto, and build momentum through their experiences at UpWest to gain traction.

–Raymond Stern, Co-Founder and Managing Partner, ClearPath Partners

UpWest Labs helped us create momentum — the entrepreneur’s ultimate weapon. Learning to create and leverage it is one of the first steps in our long and exciting journey to achieve success.

–Tomer Weingarten, CEO & Co-Founder, SentinelOne

The UpWest Labs team is exceptional at connecting you with Silicon Valley so you can feel the environment, meet your clients, and talk to investors — ultimately allowing you to get a foothold where it matters the most.

–Oz Alon, CEO & Co-Founder, HoneyBook

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