Comeet Raises $1.2M To Bring Transparency​ & Collaboration To The Recruitment Process

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We are very excited to share today’s news from UpWest Labs portfolio company Comeet as they announce $1.2M in Seed financing, which will be used to change the way companies organize their recruitment process. You read the full announcement here.

Co-founded by, Omer Tadjer, CEO, Tomer Dikerman, CPO, Omer Gottlieb, CTO, Comeet provide a collaborative hiring platform for high-growth companies. The platform is built to bring modern collaboration and workflow tools to help high-growth companies build their global teams. 

Comeet’s investors include David Cao VP, former HR, Global Operations at Alibaba Group; David Windley, former Chief People Officer at Yahoo & current President at IQ Talent Partners, and Ken Goldman, Yahoo’s CFO.