Announcing Our Recent Investments

As we conclude 2016, we are pleased to introduce the new companies we backed a few months ago at UpWest Labs. We are excited to see how these teams are thinking about their markets and developing smart solutions to bring to their customers in industries such as Education, Real Estate, Autonomous Vehicles and eCommerce. | Ori Greenberg

Algopix is an end-to-end product market analysis platform
for eCommerce Sellers

Algopix enables 15 million eCommerce sellers to sell more, increase margins and eliminate risks. Algopix helps sellers make faster and more educated business decisions around product sourcing and sales channels. Utilizing a proprietary data analysis algorithm, Algopix scours the top eCommerce channels and aggregates critical product data. Merchants are then able to use this data to increase sales and maximize profits, while incurring less deadstock and avoiding purchasing products with low demand. Ultimately, Algopix will be able to facilitate and manage these sourcing transactions within the seller community. | Nuri Golan

EXO provides high-accuracy GPS for autonomous vehicles

Low-cost, highly accurate GPS is a critical component for all autonomous systems, relied upon for lane positioning and the ability to navigate in difficult weather conditions where other sensors struggle. EXO’s hardware agnostic platform allows for seamless integration and unlimited range, differentiating them from alternative products on the market. EXO recently completed a proof-of-concept, improving accuracy on a standard receiver from 2 meters to under 10 centimeters. The team consists of some of the foremost experts in GPS technology. | Tomer Ravid

Syndi helps Commercial Real Estate (CRE) investment firms
make more accurate and data-driven investment decisions

CRE investment data is fragmented and distributed across multiple siloed systems within each investment firm, making access to the data virtually impossible. Syndi solves the data fragmentation problem by providing CRE investors with a dedicated data warehouse and analysis solution, replacing the current data infrastructure of spreadsheets and people. By aggregating and normalizing the investment firm’s fragmented data, CRE investors will gain easy access to standardized data sets and rich actionable reports, helping them make better investment decisions in this $6 trillion market. | Tomer Zuaretz

Steach is the market-network for the after-school education industry

Steach targets the $30B after-school education market in the US, offering a mobile platform that enables tutors, educational specialists, therapists and consultants to collaborate with their students, collect payments, track sessions and content, and manage scheduling. By becoming the de facto platform for educational service-providers, our ultimate goal is to provide families with a more accessible and personalized education experience. The founding team has strong tech and tutoring background.